how to reroot a fla sweet onion?

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Answered: How many white onions needed for 1 cup of sliced onions

Well that will depend on a couple of things like how big your onions are and how big your slices are. I would say that generally speaking twom medium to large white onions would get you 1 cup. :)

Answered: How do I chop onions without crying?

It is a bit weird but when I chop onions I use a snorkeling mask that covers the nose . You are going to look funny with it but believe me no more crying.

Answered: Sweet 16 parties

Not one like that but a one that can make her feel special.

Answered: What is so special about Vidalia onions?

Vidalia onion - is a sweet onion of certain varieties, grown in a production area defined by law in Georgia and by the United States Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). The varieties include the hybrid yellow granex, varieties of granex parentage, or other similar varieties recommended by the ...

Answered: Where can I buy a sweet gum tree?

Barbara, Try this website: Anna Sparky's Mom
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