how to report employer not paying overtime?

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Answered: Overtime pay in the apparal industry?

The laws on overtime pay cover only non-exempt employees, hence if you are considered or classified as “exempt”, you cannot enjoy the wage and hour rights provided by the FLSA. The following employees are considered as exempt: · An administrative, executive, or professional employer ...

Answered: How can i pay for parking

The same way you pay for anything else.

Answered: I sent an application to Westhill Consulting & Employment

Stefanie Ebersbacher Answered: Just login to your account and edit. That’s the best thing about Westhill Consulting. They are very user friendly.

Answered: If an employer fails to pay wages earned and the ...

No he is not unfortunetly. The only thing you can do is take that person to court. Make sure you have another job lined up before they get their court papers as they probably won't be too happy and could eventually find a reason to terminate your employment.

Answered: What is the pay rate for a license practical nurse in galloway,new

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Yes she ignores me and doesnt say she has to let me go, her husband makes 6 fiquires a year and she has 9,000 bucks in her business account

Overtime pay

The day of the work isn't relevant. It's the number of hours worked BEFORE that day. You can't have overtime till you've put in 40 hours.

Does an employer have to pay for an employee that ...

If I'm not mistaken, an employer is required to pay some amount to the government in order for the fired employee to collect unemployment. However, the employee does not need to speak with the former employer about it. The employee only needs to go to the unemployment office in his/her area and sign ...

My employer filed bankruptcy, is she legally required to pay me?

hen filing for bankruptcy, it is important to check the rules especially if you have a co-signer. Your co-signer was the one who co-signed your debts when you applied for it. Your co-signer vouched about your credibility as a borrower, which is how you got the approval. Generally, a co-signer is ...