How to report an illegal apartment, Suffolk County, NY?

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Answered: Who owns Palm Bay Apartments?

no answer to my question was posted

Answered: People looking to rent apartment in trenton nj

try to see this legow Wingate Apartments at 201 Wert Ave Trenton.

Answered: Who is looking for apartment to rent in trenton nj

I think there are none here, why are you asking? are you looking for companion?

Answered: Finger lakes times Man charger because of Robert Colton reporting him.

Looks to me like some body got snitched out, cause the snitch cared enough about the crook to get him the help he needs not to get stuck into a life of crime -- and every thing that comes with it. You know, guilt, bitterness, a scorched conscience, and stuck with that forever. Look back on it, and ...

Answered: Studio apartments for rent for 600 in Brooklyn NY

Brooklyn no idea bro, well if you asked about Noida then the answer is obviously yes.This year a project by the name of Winsten Park Noida is offering studio apartment and office spaces in the prime location of greater Noida near to Knowledge Park-5.

Answered: When illegals working in McDonald's tell you not ...

You would feel better if an American citizen told you that stealing was illegal and immoral?
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Where can i take my mom who is 93 to get her hair done in suffolk county

I don't understand what you Mom's age has to do with it. Is there any reason you can't look in the phone book and find a hair salon?

How to grieve property taxes in suffolk county, ny?

Be sure to choose a company with experience and successful track record in Suffolk. has been doing this for over 20 years and has great customer service. Call them & they'll help walk you through the process

Sales tax in Suffolk County, NY on clothing

For items costing less than $110, the rate is 4 5/8%. For items over $100, the rate is 8 5/8%. The less expensive items are exempt from the state portion of the sales tax. For more information, go to , click on the "Sales Tax" link and download the form and instructions for Form ST ...