how to replace water pump 2003 toyota 4runner 4.0l?

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Answered: 91toyota 4runner no cranking V6 eng

Check battery voltage with a meter-should be above 12.5. Check all battery connections, including ground wire to frame and pos wire to starter. If all these are OK then check solenoid and starter -one of them may be faulty IF all the above is checked out.

Answered: Rheem EcoSense 50-Gallon Electric heat pump water heaters,need product

Operation Modes The Rheem HP50RH has three operation modes. The first is the Energy Saver mode, which allows the water heater to function using only the heat pump on top to warm the water. In Normal mode, the heater uses both the heat pump and a heating element backup. When in Electric Heat Only ...

Answered: Where is the starter on a 1994 toyota 4runner?

I'm not familiar with 4-runners but starter-motors are usually installed in the bell-housing where the torque converter is housed with a ring gear for meshing with the starter gear.Use a bright light and look around the bell housing for a cylindrical shaped device with the solinoid attached and the ...

Answered: How do you replace a fuel pump mounting gasket on a 2003 toyota tacoma

Hi, found a same question on other site with answers. Hope this help you on your fuel pump mounting gasket. ~mike Suspension Lift Kit

Answered: My 1990 4 Runner doesn't like to shift into ...

Have you checked the fluid? When towing something or when the vehicle is overloaded this will happen and you need to take it out of overdrive manually. If this isn't it, seek the services of a transmission repair shop.

Answered: 1997 toyota 4runner engine vacuum leak check

In any 17 year old car, count on gaskets leaking. In tis case, you probably have a small but detrimental vacuum leak in the fuel or vacuum-operated components. It may be time for a factory diagnosis and then a rebuild.
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Go to the library - get manual for this vehicle - study manual - go and fix problem now that you know how to.

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