how to replace timing belt on 2000 kia sephia?

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Answered: What would happen if the timing belt for the counter weight on a 2000

The ignition would cause improper spark to the firing pins(Spark plugs).Pssss.Run for your life.!

Answered: What is the best brand for timming belts

what's a timming belt?

Answered: How long will a timing belt last?

aprox 110.000 Miles on your year import......

Answered: I needs picture on how to replace the heater core

i need to know how to repace a heater core on a 1995 volkswagon stationwagon passat v6
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I have 43 year experience as an automotive tech. I was looking for posts to answers to this same question. I have never done this particular engine, and would like to know before I spend customers money. However, It's Listed As An Interference Engine In Autodata Tech Series Timing Book, And, One ...

New Timing belt problem on 2003 Toyota Camry (V-6)

I'm not a mechanic but I'd think if you trust your mechanic, you have nothing to worry about. If you don't trust him/her, try going to another garage to have your car looked at.

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What is a timing belt service?

Mostly an inspection.