how to replace the thermostat on a 2003 buick rendezvous?

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Answered: My thermostat is set at 73 f but it does not ...

This is a mystery. I will think on it and get back to you if I can find some plausible explanation, or other experiment.

Answered: 2005 Buick Rendezvous paint bubbling problems on hood

ford & gm have a problem with aluminum hoods i would take it back to the dealer. the hood will have to be painted and the top of the fenders to make it all match

Answered: Thermostat temps for the winter

Depending on how good your home is insulated 68 degress is normal but, poor installation I would keep it at 70 degress during the day and 68 at night when you go to sleep, seeing that you have children

Answered: Problems with my heat and airconditioner

We have a thermostate but, in summer you put it on cool and, the winter you put it on heat. Each time it is set for automatic also. If you set it on blower, it runs all the time. You set it on the comfortable setting for each season. For winter I set mine on 71 and, in summer I set it on 80. Each ...
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Thermostat auto setting and open windows

you are right. the air conditioning wil not come on until the interior temperature goes above 72 degees. However, The A/C removes moisture from the air as it lowers the temperature. If the outside air is very humid and is allowed into the apartment, when the temperature rises the next day, the A ...

How do I calibrate a honeywell thermostat, model CT62A,B

Look on page #3 for information regarding calibration.

How to replace thermostat cadillac seville 1998?

The Cadillac is known for it's smooth ride and comfortable handling. Ensuring your Cadillac runs smoothly involves maintaining the coolant system. The thermostat in the Cadillac regulates the engine temperature and is made to open when the coolant level reaches a particular temperature. The ...

Whats is wrong when thermostat is blank?

If you have an electronic thermostat showing a blank, it is probably because there is no power. There may be a dead battery, or a broken wire, or a transformer unplugged. Other possible causes are that the thermostat is turned to OFF, or the thermostat is broken.