how to replace the starter on a 1999 isuzu rodeo?

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Answered: When is ISUZU going to make there own SUVs again ...

Maybe you could start an online petition if you could find enough people that feel the same way and send it to ISUZU, if they see that they have enough demand it might actually get them to consider manufacturing their own SUV's again...

Answered: Oil pressure problems.

Yes it could be the oil pump, but it could also be the sending unit for the gauge. And that's less than a ten dollar part. Change it and see what happens.

Answered: How to be a rodeo clown.

Rocmike you are just a clown. A sick insane clown.

Answered: How to check transmission fluid in 1996 isuzu rodeo?

Instructions 1 Start the vehicle and place the shifter in "Park." Let the engine warm up to normal operating temperature, for about five to ten minutes. 2 Open the hood and look into the engine compartment. On the left side of the engine, in the front, is the dipstick pull handle ...

Answered: How can i start my semi truck if the starter is bad

Trucks with hydraulic brakes let you start 'em with a roll and then jam it in gear, but your rig has air brakes, so it will be locked up solid till you got 125 PSI in your air system. If you got one of those dinosaurs with an air starter, you gotta pressurize the system to get it started. Best ...

Answered: What year did Cowabunga compete in rodeos

The only information I found was that he was in the Mesquite Rodeo in Texas. If you want to contact them here is their web page.
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