how to replace the piston on a poulan chainsaw?

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Answered: Chainsaw Help

Someone walked out after 18 years what the hell happened? Sounds like it's time for a new chainsaw with some new directions. My bad Howard wins....forgot about the oil for the chain. Or if you are like me and lend you chainsaw to "friends" and they forget the "bar" oil then your screwed.

Answered: Chainsaw repair

It could be several things. The first thing that you need to look at is the oiler adjustment screw. You should see it if you invert the saw. Turn it towards the plus mark.

Answered: Stihl chainsaw I have an 029 stihl chainsaw with ...

Thanks a ton! I have been wondering if I would have to get a new stihl ms 192 ( ), but it looks like it will be okay with some simple repairs. What a relief! I really appreciate the help!

Answered: Hi, i have a poulan pro chain saw & it runs great ...

Almost certainly, fuel line is embrittled, and coming apart. Replace it with Tygon tubing- much better than oem pvc; dealers carry it. Get a foot- more than enough. Remove all of the original. Cut the new at an acute angle, and feed it through tank hole from inside using needle-nose or hemostat ...

Answered: Detroit Pistons Jersey?

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