How to replace the ignition coil on a 1993 toyota corolla?

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Answered: How many people can i put into the back seat of my 2009 toyota corolla

3 (count the number of the safety belts..... lol....)

Answered: 85 Toyota Corolla - Oil pan gasket and carb help please

hi i have an 86 corolla gts it does not have a gasket on the oil pan instead toyota uses a speacial sealant e-mail www ask for simon , jackie or maxwell. they are most helpful if you have any other questions email me at

Answered: Adventages of using leaf spring over coil spring

The main difference is the stability we get from leaf springs. Leaf springs have two distant points of contact which makes them much more stable in heavy trucks. Where you need more responsiveness than stability, coil springs are the better option. Note that McPherson struts in most light cars ...

Answered: Toyota corolla 1994air condition shooting out electronic ignition

Bring your unit directly to sites or call for professional help, it should be checked and be given much attention and intervention it needed to prevent your units air conditioner form having more major complications.

Answered: How to replace the ignition coil in Exmark Laser z?

Hello. It depends on what the engine it comes with. Some come with coils that need to have "gap" set. Others are simple drop in replacements, no setting of anything. I am VERY curious as to why you think the ignition coil is bad and, If I may pursue this further, would be more than willing to offer ...
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