how to replace the blade on a workforce thd 550 tile wet saw?

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Answered: Where can I buy a replacement blade for a stanley 20-800 miter saw part

Ralph- I am guessing here. Most miter and table saws use either a 10" or 12" blade. The arbor is fairly standard. I think that if you took the blade off and went to HD, Lowe's, Sears, Ace, etc., that you would have no problem finding a replacement. JayR

Answered: Can a regular standup shower be tiled

Depends entirely on what the "regular " shower wall is made of . If it's some kind of plastic, then you should NOT do it as every plastic flexes to a degree enough to unstick tile. If it is a shower built on wallboard it's possible to tile, but MUCH better to spend a couple of hours removing the ...

Answered: Dressing ugly tile

As a focal point . you can install a tile mural that will coordinate with the pink but has other colors in it to keep you from focusing on the pink pick out a small mural on ceramic or marble, glue it to a board or have it installed right over your existing tile and then frame it.. . Very low ...

Answered: Ceramic tile, In a tub shower surround should cement board be used or

You can use waterproof drywall, but make sure that it is not Chinese drywall. Chinese drywall is causing a serious problem for homeowners across the United states. And also it is difficult to decide about Chinese drywall presence.

Answered: Who is Leading provider of VMS

DCR Workforce a leading provider of Vendor Management System (VMS) and Managed Services Provider (MSP) solutions
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yes thank you your answer has been a great help. I can now procceed with more confidence on this project.

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