How to replace poulan chain saw oil pump?

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Answered: Electric chain saw replacement chain 14'

Google the brand of saw for re order

Answered: Tube from oil resevoir--where does other end go?

the oil from the reservoir is there in order to lubricate the chain while it is being used. it drips on the chain as it runs, otherwise the chain would run dry and it would stop working.

Answered: Lawnmower gas oil ratio

Remember when your lawnmower was brand new and started on the first pull? Regular maintenance will keep your lawnmower in top shape and running better longer.

Answered: Chain saw error

No not at all. Drain out the oil in the gas tank as much as possible then fillup with the correct 2 stroke mixture. Regarding the fuel in the oil pump , drain this out and refill with with chain oil , the sticky stuff.

Answered: Hi, i have a poulan pro chain saw & it runs great ...

Almost certainly, fuel line is embrittled, and coming apart. Replace it with Tygon tubing- much better than oem pvc; dealers carry it. Get a foot- more than enough. Remove all of the original. Cut the new at an acute angle, and feed it through tank hole from inside using needle-nose or hemostat ...
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More Questions have a poulan 295 pro 20 ...

Is it new? If so you can probably take it back. It should still be under warranty. Also, there should be a screw to adjust the fuel/air mixture. It sounds as though that might be too rich. Also, are you giving it too much choke when you try to start it? Maybe the choke mechanism is extra ...

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It's all the Frozen North. Bubba, Southern by birth an' choice.

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Chainsaw repair

It could be several things. The first thing that you need to look at is the oiler adjustment screw. You should see it if you invert the saw. Turn it towards the plus mark.