how to replace interior rearview mirror 2000 chevy impala?

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Answered: How to remove mounting button on rear view mirror ...

To release the button on the rearview mirror, I had to unscrew a small screw on the front. I didn't realize that the screw was screwed into the button not allowing me to remove.

Answered: Replacing the transmission on my '03 Chevy Impala :(

I'm sorry about that; replacing a transmission is never a fun thing to have to do. I have to get a new transmission in Calgary a few years ago, and it was quite expensive. The best thing to do is ask your friends and family members their advice on the most trustworthy mechanic to go to.

Answered: How to replace a transmision on a 2004 chevy impala

Removing the Transmission Pan 1Start the engine and let it idle for four minutes. This will help to remove as much loose particles from the transmission as possible. 2Turn off the engine. Raise the front of the vehicle using a floor jack, and support the vehicle with two jack stands ...

Answered: How fast is the 2000 chevy impala police car?

Fast enough to catch anything they are chasing. Just watch the chases on TV they never get away. Lady Darko

Answered: I do not drive my 96 ss impala that often runs then the battery goes

looks like you have to get a new battery for it ~mike Hypertech

Answered: Cabinets by viola/bathroom we have an old medicine cabint and the

You want to replace old medicine cabinet and the mirrors. Then what kinds of help you requiring that's unclear. Whatever if you are looking for new cabinets than you may find from your local market's store or online store as
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