How to replace door on ge spacesaver microwave?

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Answered: How to replace a door handle on a microwave?

I didn't think this was possible without sending the microwave to the manufacturer. Sorry.

Answered: How to replace an icemaker in a ge refrigerator

If you have a problem with your ice maker not making ice , and you have tested the rest of the system and you know you need a new ice maker, the process is not difficult, so long as you have the correct ice maker for your refrigerator. The ice maker will be held on by either 2 or 3 screws depending ...

Answered: Direct short in microwave

Not having been privileged to see this POS, I will guess that it is the Magnetron or the circuit board. If you pull the cover off, you might see some melted stuff. That would be a clue. New ones start well under $100.00. Are you sure that you want to fiddle with your broken one?

Answered: Microwave door replacement

Thanks so much. You have been a big help.

Answered: GE Microwave recall

I agree with the first answer. It could also be materials that don't last as long as the manufacturer thought with the product was designed.

Answered: i want to register my spacesaver can

I want to register toaster T2569B from Walmart on 8/22/10 L. Adams,
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