how to replace a wick in a Kerosun Radiant 10 portable kerosene heater?

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Try here first.============= This site may or may not be helpful, also.============== Best of luck.

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You may visit and browse their brands. They have different styles from different designers. I'm sure you'll love their chairs.

Answered: How to change a wick on Perfection 730 Kerosene heater?

REMOVING: Open the top of the heater and remove the fount. Remove flame spreader by turning 1/4 turn and lifting. Unscrew outer wick guide. If it is stuck, do not force it! Use some penetrating oil like WD-40 (preferred because it is mostly Kerosene anyway!) With the outer guide removed. Turn the ...

Answered: Gas control dial on water heater tank got wet and will not turn

If the control got wet, then you have a leaky tank. It is time to replace the heater.

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i need to know how to repace a heater core on a 1995 volkswagon stationwagon passat v6
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Why won't my kerosene heater light? Is this the first time lighting the heater? If so, then you need to make sure the heater has been filled with good K-1 kerosene, and that the wick has been allowed to soak in the lowered position for 60 minutes in a full tank of fuel. This insures the wick is ...

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