how to replace a sunsetter awning fabric?

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Answered: Storage of canvas awnings

Happy I was able to help.

Answered: This is going to sound veerry stupid but, what exactly is a patio

An awning is "a roof-like structure, often made of canvas or plastic, that serves as a shelter, as over a storefront, window, door, or deck" according to freedictionary. Therefore, a patio awning would be a roof-like structure over a patio. It will not be a permanent structure attached to the house ...

Answered: Fabric for curtains

Are you looking for the curtain fabrics that suits to window according to the wall color, furniture, flooring, blinds of your home then Freshwaterinteriors provides online suggestion for you curtains .

Answered: Where to find fabric.

The Washington Redskins team store has ladies' items (they say). I would write to them or phone them , because if anyone knows where to find their fabric, they should.

Answered: Awning

would like to know how to install dometic awning Product number 958397684

Answered: Awning parts

Contact Affordable RV Parts at Largest selection of RV Parts online. Also help with locating rare or after market parts for RV's and Trailers. Office Mon-Fri 9am-6pm Pacific Time 1-702-762-3428
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