how to replace 2003 saturn ion windshield wiper fuse?

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Answered: How often should you change your windshield wipers ...

Once every few years; I go by the look, if they start feeling scratchy , I change them right away, and yes, it makes sense to keep an extra blade handy at all times. Source:

Answered: Diy, saturn ion, need hex nut for wiper arm

Hi Steve, you can look up this portal for DIY for your Saturn as well as choose in the options given for the part too which can be sourced from here. Works well for me, should do for you too.

Answered: F-150 wiper fuse location 2003 model

i think it is in the fuse box under your hood number 601. Its a 30a CB. ~mike truck bumper

Answered: Replace windshield wipers on 2006 Toyota Sienna

Check the ends of each rubber blade, if it is tearing and you don't see damage to metal mechanism you should just replace the rubber blade, costing you around $5 each. You can usually get these from a Toyota dealership that services and sells parts. When you are ready to replace the blades, remove ...

Answered: 08 mini windshield replacement

If you go online you can scout out the average price of a mini windshield. Looks like the price ranges between $350-375 on There are other options out there you can find if you look for windshield prices or mini windshield. Additionally I would recommend pro glass restoration. From the ...
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Information on saturn's parts fixing myself

I have found the forum an invaluable source of info on trouble-shooting and DIY repairs. I have used it dozens of times and haven't been steered wrong yet! Most questions are answered by current and former Saturn mechanics and owners.

2003 Saturn ION engine light

disconnect the battery and the reconnect(30 secs). it will reset the falt codes to zero, but then you have to go through multiple start/stops untill all new tests are compleated, not recomended if your just tring to get through inspection. (but i would do it in a second) hope this helps

How to change windshield wipers for a 1999 dodge 1500 truck?

You should probably check with the owner's manual. Have fun! ----------------------------------------------------- BENZ STAR C3