How to repair small hole on leather sofa?

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Answered: Leather Sofa Repair

Know the tips for leather repair and how to reduce the cost of leather repairing here - Leather Repairing and Restoration

Answered: I have a leather corsett rhat needs repair the plastic wires have broken

Dear Mam you may send us the picture at we will make new corset according to your pictures in affordable price. please take a look,

Answered: How would a leather sofa hold up in a home with cats? We can keep them

I have friends with cats and a leather sofa, none have ever complained about cat hair sticking to the sofa.

Answered: How to Select a Handmade Leather Bags?

The word 'Handmade' has got special attraction . It actually deserves the attraction because handmade bags are usually made of good quality of leather and fine work is done on them.It should not be a tough job to purchase it however you can keep in mind the following points 1.Make sure you buy it ...

Answered: Is there such a thing as a comfortable sofa bed ...

Our sofa bed's mattress has an inflatable top. It comes with a mini pump which inflates just the top instantly. Makes the mattress completely comfy. Cannot feel any "bars" whatsoever. it is worth the extra $100 we paid for it.

Answered: Build swimming hole in a river or stream.

If the beavers can figure it out, then you ought to be able to.
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How do you feather a repaired hole in drywall

Here's a you can attempt to repair the hole in the wall on your own (if you are really good with your hands to make a good finish), and here's a handyman article on how to go about doing that: ...

Repair flute hole

I think you should find a flute master to help you.

How to get rid of a moldy odor from the inside of a leather chanel

try using some baking soda maybe tied up in a hanky for a while

Oily spots on leather sofa:

I would avoid the cornstarch technique. The Dishwashing liquid solution has some merit. Body oils accumulate over time. When left unchecked, they will continue to build up. Any liquid applied to an aniline dyed leather will probably darken the whole area. If it is a painted finish, some ...