how to repair dept 56 ice scating ring?

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Answered: Rings

I think all ring have its bill and also carved a no on inner side of ring. From this you can measure ring's authentication and all details. Or you can get it from the touch of Ireland.

Answered: What is an Eternity Ring? Is it also a wedding ring?

No not yet...!!! The Irish Claddagh ring is well known as a Wedding as well as the engagement ring...!!! You can buy from the shop named "The touch of Ireland".

Answered: What people think of Anniversary rings?

We think you like to ask ridiculous questions about rings every single day. Do you have some kind of weird ring fetish or something?

Answered: Meaning of wedding ring on wedding?

Wedding ring is nothing but a strong relationship between bride and groom. It is only the gift that was given to each other. You can buy it in pair from the touch of ireland shop...!!!

Answered: Wedding rings for an extreme metal allergy?‎

Or you can try the Irish Claddagh ring for the wedding....!!! And you can buy it from the touch of Ireland shop....!!!

Answered: What are the most common ring sizes? you can measure her ring size on a piece of paper
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What is the best way to sell a diamond ring?

Sell direct to the person who wants one, if you sell to a jeweler or pawn shop they won't pay it's value, they make the money.

How do I care for my Vintage/Antique engagement ring?

Go through this page,

Does my wedding ring have to be a diamond?

No you can buy a simulated diamond ring from (high end jewlery) or and (lower end).

Where and when should We begin to research engagement rings and wedding

I personally suggest you this site this website can help you to find the perfect rings at absolute great prices.