how to repair broken rivet in reclining chair?

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Answered: ConfortLift Chair stuck in standing position

your place of purchase should have the mfg # to call for replacement parts even if they stopped making them. Probably you control module or hand wand or motor. Start with hand wand, then control module (brain box) then motor. thats going from the cheapest to the most expensive.

Answered: I need a high recliner or lift chair for my husband who can't sit on low

Hi there, I recently pruchased a Nexidea Contempra Collection lift chair for my mother about a month ago. The same week she went back into the hospital and passed. I am looking to sell this chair as it was not used very much at all. I paid $1450 and was looking to sell it for $850 or best offer. If ...

Answered: Broken glass platter - can it be repaired

Brenda- This can be repaired, but you will always be able to see the break. If you live i a place like New York, I would try to get up with some glass blowers and talk with them. They may know something that I do not. JayR

Answered: Leather recliner

you should read what this person did with thier leather recliner problem..this should help
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