how to repair a windshield washer reservoir and pump in 2004 kia sorento?

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Answered: My interior lights and door locks do not work in my 2003 kia sorento

Kia uses standard American bulbs, so they done one thing right. Thing is, you can get bad bulbs straight out of the package. You probably checked on that so let's look at what else it can be. Look at corroded contacts in the socket. Easy fix is to sand it off with a piece of 120 grit sand paper ...

Answered: Notched washers

The New Z

Answered: Where is the hydraulic reservoir located on the 1989 Skeeter

Skeeter is a "pocket rocket" that has a tinny little 50CC 2 stroke, a centrifugal clutch, and brakes that wouldn't stop a fly. The only hydraulic reservoir is the brake and it is on the right hand grip. It holds no certain amount of brake fluid. The best thing to do with that pile of junk is heft ...

Answered: How often should you change your windshield wipers ...

Once every few years; I go by the look, if they start feeling scratchy , I change them right away, and yes, it makes sense to keep an extra blade handy at all times. Source:

Answered: Which is best deal for the money and repair log; Ford escape, GMC Terrain

Run your options through the "True Cost to Own" calculator on the Edmunds site to see!
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Pressure washer repair

first you will have to remove the broken part and replace it. It sounds like the unloader valve (pressure valve) is stuck open. Remove it, check for dirt etc., make sure the o-rings are ok, put petroleum jelly on o-rings and replace. You should also check the valves and clean them.

My whirlpool washer will not shut off the cold ...

There is a hot/ cold solenoid on the rear of the machine... can find a universal replacement cheaper at a local appliance repair shop than an actual "whirlpool" one, & it will be alot cheaper!! these freeze, stick ,whatever... Ive seen them go bad on almost new machines.. remove the rear panel ...

Why does my power washer with a Honda gsx390 start with one pull and die

Consider a blocked fuel line. Most mimimal sized generators have fuel petcocks hidden under the gas tank so that you might never detect them. Remove the petcock and your generator will perform as advertised.

My washer is still working but making a loub noise when in spin cycle

Check the drum belt. If there are kinks or damages, it will really produce loud noise when it is in the spin cycle. You should have it replaced. If the drum belt is working, check the motor part if there are loose objects like coins or buttons. Source: