how to repair a leaky spearman kent bathtub & shower faucet?

how to repair a leaky spearman kent bathtub & shower faucet?

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Answered: How to repair a bathtub faucet?

Look it up online - or - call a plumber.

Answered: Leaky faucet

You changed the seats? Are you sure? Usually homeowners don't have the skills or tools to do that. If you did, check to make sure you installed it properly. A bad seat will chew up the washer over time and allow it to leak.

Answered: Shower Faucet Repair

first you will need to find out what brand faucet it is. maybe call gulfstream and see if they use a standard brand. if its dripping they usually have a repair kit which is either washers or a cartridge. usually it can be repaired by removing the handles and chrome trim. make sure to turn off the ...

Answered: Is installing a whirlpool bathtub affordable? Is ...

There are whirlpool tubs for bathrooms as small as 8x8. -If you can install and plumb it in yourself, yes, it's affordable. - I've done many and any competent handyman with plumbing experience can do it .

Answered: Shower diverter knob

A diverter valve, like all other valves, has parts that either wereout or get clogged by lime & calcium in the water. You can go to the web site for the manufacturer and look at the parts view for your product. This should help you to understand what is going on behind the handle. Now you can take ...

Answered: MY moen bathroom faucet is leaking. How do I repair it? Arlene

Shut the water off to the faucet.. then pull cap off knob ,then unscrew phillps screw.. after that replace w/ similar or same cartridge from home imp store
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Most faucet repair jobs include small work such as replacing seals, washers, seals, O-ring and other such small parts. Read following article to learn: How to repair a faucet.

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You have to disconnect all the plumbing and unscrew the bolt that holds the faucet onto the sink underneath. If it's a faucet and knobs combination, you have to unscrew all of them. If it still seems stuck, give it a little tap from the bottom. Don't go crazy or anything just a tap. Some installers ...

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I'm sorry, Howard, but I don't have one on hand.

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It is best you will ask help from an expert in your community. For me that is the best thing to do.