how to rename sheet in ms excel?

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Answered: Sorting in an excel macro

I tried several times. The macro just highlights the columns I sorted on but does not do the sort.

Answered: Help!!!!!!!!!!!!1 i have an excel sheet which ...

mistake, i changed the path by ok now thnx all

Answered: Excel - combining data

I am assuming u would want to combine data based on some criteria... In your example assuming that sheet 1 has receipts for suppliers and Sheet 2 has payments for suppliers..then u can combine receipts and payments for each of suppliers in sheet 3 by using one of the inbuilt functions (Vlookup ...

Answered: Lost sheets in my spreadsheet and date not entered on spreadsheet

If you right click on the sheet tabs at the bottom you should see Unhide as an option. If you have hidden sheets it will be blue, click it and select the sheets to unhide. For the date go to Format Cells and select the date format you require.

Answered: Cell format needed

You should choose a target cell, lets say B2. click on B2 and type = . then go back to B1 and type /9.1 to copy this formula just drag the cell from the lower left corner.
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try change your setting on, control panel | Regional and Language Option, try go to blog my be there tips for you

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Ok, I really stumbled on this one. A friend got me through the hurdle. And walked me through it. So here goes. Design the button, edit the code for it here's the code for mine rivate Sub CommandButton1_Click() Dim i, j As Integer ActiveSheet.Unprotect i = 2 j = 2 Do ...