How to remove tree roots from water well?

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Answered: Tree Removal

Consult the forest authorities of the local area. They also provide the manpower on the most reasonable rates. Moreover you can also consult the local woodcutters if they are available nearby.

Answered: I have a tree that rooted itself into the crack ...

You can put some holes on the roots by drilling it and pour on a weed or grass killer on it. That can solve your solution. But take note that you have to deal with the chemical you poor over a long period of time.

Answered: Rights re roots from Neighbour's Tree damaging my pool liner and house

Don't pay attention to the first answer because they are not correct. You may trim branches, but cutting roots can cause two problems, first it can kill the tree and then your neighbor can sue you and second it could destabilize the tree and cause it to fall (maybe on your neighbors house) which you ...

Answered: Can tree roots growing through foundations blocks cause foundation

I'm a tree surgeon, I cut trees every day. Yes, the roots will eventually crack the foundation of the house or even the driveway, you need to do something with them soon.

Answered: Pine trees planted 12 inchs from the wall of the house

I lived near pine trees - as a child and later as adult. The needles are harmless as far as I know. Just a nuisance if you try to keep sweeping them up. As far as I know roots usually grow downward - in search of water. So they would probably grow more away from the house - where the rain goes down ...

Answered: Cracking and pushing on foundation due to roots

Probably since roots can really damage the foundation due to its swelling plus if the roots are guided on your foundation wall, the water will definitely go along your basement wall and causes the damage.
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That's good to hear. We had an extremely dry winter. Four years in a row, and we all have to cut way back on the amount of water we are using. Good thing we invented drip irrigation many years ago.

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Hi, from my experience with trees, you will most likely get sprouts off the trunk ( possibly roots ) the following spring. If its that close to the house, it needs to be removed anyway for I've seen roots severely damage house foundations. If its small enough, you could feasabily dig up the root ...

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