how to remove transition from transition lenses?

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Answered: I've closed my optical shop and have a lot of frames and lenses I want to

Have you heard of -- or tried -- Ebay? That's the most-used online retail site (it started as an online auction site for merchandise but have moved beyond a strictly auction approach.) Also, is an amazing place to buy/sell things. Look into both of those, Kon.

Answered: Are colored contact lenses still the in thing? I ...

To Jk's answer...ditto, ditto, and ditto.

Answered: I have recently tried contact lenses. In the ...

I agree with jasminsanty. I have been wearing contacts since i was 13 and are definitely worth the extra to get the better contacts. I had the kind you wore for a whole year before replacing (had to take them out every night into solution and soak them in enzyme cleaner once a week) and it was ...

Answered: What are the differences in advantages from monthly contacts lenses

Deciding to wear contact lenses requires one to be matured, it not based on age. Daily disposable are recommended for those who have very sensitive eyes and for people having a hard time to follow up on their regimen. Daily and monthly are basically the same in comfort. But there is a special type ...

Answered: transit

You are subject to the guidelines established by the EU. For more information go to this web page . Also go to this web page for visa information having to do with Spain.

Answered: Can you buy contact lenses online?

You can definitely buy Contact Lenses easily online. I buy from 1-800 CONTACTS. They offer free shipping, and have a great unbeatable price guarantee. Plus, their customer service is extraordinary if you ever deal with them via phone or email.
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Getting colored contacts is tricky. There two types of colored contacts. The enhancer and the opaque contacts Enhancer are single tint, and you may still see your eye color when wearing this. This are the cheaper contacts and are widely sold. Only use enchancer if you for example have blue eyes and ...

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Always wash your hands before placing colored contacts. This is the most important and most basic. Dont use alcohol cause it might get into the eyes. Also research about different contact solutions that are available. You will get use to it, in a matter of few days. Also if you're buying colored ...

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front of coin says the engineers club of philadelphia 1877 with a picture of i think thomas jefferson. think its bronze or something