how to remove super glue from dvd?

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Answered: Who invented Super Glue?

Harry Wesler Cover Jr. For Eastman Kodak

Answered: Super glue on clothing

Try this online store: Super Glue Removers

Answered: How can you get super glue out of your clothing ?

i would like to know how to get super glue out of clothing? so when you recive this email here is my email so email me back on this matter thank you

Answered: How do you get super glue off a vineer wooden table without damaging

Try very concentrated vodka it eats the glue but not the polish

Answered: Can Super Glue Cause Cyanide Poisoning when glue in dental crowns

White glues, such as Elmer's, bond by solvent evaporation. The solvent in Elmer's all-purpose school glue is water. When the water evaporates, the polyvinylacetate latex that has spread into a material's crevices forms a flexible bond. Super glue, on the other hand, undergoes a process called ...
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Hi my name is natasha and, i would like to know how can i remove hair

you can put some dawn dish detergent on the spot that you have the glue on.It will break up the glue. but the glue still might leave a black stain. let the detergent site for awhile so it can break the glue down.

I have removed panaling from hallway walls and by ...

What type of walls do you have, drywall or lathe and plaster?

Super glue

Go Here:

Building Super Walmart

It's obvious other decisions were made about locating a store there. I hope that satisfies your question.