how to remove promote from facebook posts?

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Answered: Because the hype it has created, Facebook has been ...

Any time you place an "ad any where is still just a gamble. if FB is the only place you put your product- then "yes, chances are better you will see better results-but FB is no guarantee for greater sales. "better exposure- "yes- but no guaranteed sales. More exposure only guarantees (lookers) not ...

Answered: How do I get rid of Huffington Post from my AOL browzer

Go to Options, choose Settings, unclick Show "Today on AOL." This only removes it for after you login to your mail.

Answered: How can I block Huffington Post from my AOL screen?

When quality people like Elden depart, it is a sad state of affairs.

Answered: Removing Facebook groups from AIM?

Facebook groups do not appear when you deactivate Facebook from AIM To do this navigate to settings -> IM networks -> Choose the option "Deactivate facebook chat from AIM" . But if you simply Sign out from facebook (by navigating to settings -> Sign out from Facebook chat) then empty facebook buddy ...

Answered: Removal of posts> how do you remove your posts????

Do you mean on this site? You go to the question and click delete. It is that easy.

Answered: Facebook problem ex husband took over my facebook ...

Facebook? The only people who go there need to rub lotion into their lobotomy scars. Now go turn on the television and watch Barney and Fiends (or was that friends?) No, I was right the first time . . . FIENDS!
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More Questions facebook how can l remove facebook from my

Clear you PC history..Click Ctrl+Shift+Delete

Same spammers making the same posts every day

How sad and lonely is the leftist Muslim Atheist poster life? It does nothing but post for 20 hours a day under its many aliases that posts on questions nobody has been on in months and years.When you find one you find several. This isn't what a stable person does. Would anyone want his sad life?

If you’re in a special group on facebook and one of the members has

No you can't see him in the search or either in group or mutual friends of others. Facebook make them invisible to you, know who has blocked you in Facebook and other Facebook features and pranks on my blog. Facebook smiley and security

Can you please help me get on my facebook

Go to Enter your user name. Enter your password. Done.