how to remove mac and cheese stain from carpet?

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Answered: I have a three season porch it has outdoor carpet ...

I don't there is no way to not harm the wood floor nor the carpet. I don't know if there is a company who can handle this.. But if you will do it yourself, I think you must choose if what thing will you prioritize.. Entrance Mats

Answered: remove stain off cabinets

to remove stain from cabinet you should brush cabinets regularly, make it neat and clean. source:

Answered: I need a remedy for mustard in my carpet

I'd suggest calling Stanley Steemer carpet cleaners.

Answered: My daughter just got a grease stain on her very favorite t-shirt. What

Just for the record this may help: You can use lemon to remove grease stain. This is very effective. I've learned this from my Asia travel.

Answered: Removing stains from wood floors

This is very nasty stuff, it is extremely toxic and I’m afraid it is not that easy to purchase. It is commonly used in the woodworking trade to bleach or lighten wood, but it is also pretty effective when it comes to removing heavier rust stains from concrete and some types of stone. There are ...
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Carpet removal contractors?

You can try an online tradesmen searching website like : Carpet Cleaning Company

How do i remove chocolat stain from a carpet...!!

Try "Resolve". It is in a red bottle and you can find it at most suoermarkets. Test it first on a hidden part of your carpet to make sure it doesn't fade the rug. Good luck

What solvent removes carpet tile glue?

Removing carpet adhesive from tile is a tedious task that can require repeated treatments before it's successful. Very large jobs might be best left to professionals. Commercial glue-removal products work with varying degrees of success but may contain toxic chemicals. There are nontoxic ways to ...

I have a brown stain on a tan colored indoor ...

Potentially a rust (Iron Oxide) stain. They can be difficult to remove. Be cautious which product you use as it could discolor the carpeting even more. What I would do after finding a safe product is saturate the stain, place a couple cotton clothes over it then place a heavy item on top of that ...