how to remove deck on craftsman 917270510?

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Answered: Removeable deck enclosures

I saw some at Home Depot. Im sure every store has the same stuff.

Answered: Treating my Cedar Deck

I am in the process of doing my 20x20 cedar deck now. If the deck is in good shape,just a wood brightener and treatment, something that you spray on for 15 minutes and rinse off. Wait at least 3 hot days for the deck to completely dry and apply you stain or whatever you plan on putting on top of ...

Answered: What is the average labor cost to install a deck?

It depends on many factors involved. Square, rectangle, round,two teir, height off the ground, layout direction of deck boards, railing or not and how fancy the railing, building on flat ground or slope(sevarity of sloop) etc. When I built decks in the past I charged anywhere from $11 to $16 a ...

Answered: Gum swelling 2 weeks after Wisdom Tooth Removal?

WebMD examines common problems with the gums, including soreness, swelling, and bleeding. Learn possible causes and find remedies to help keep your ...

Answered: How to build a deck

This will help

Answered: How can I remove paint from a previously stained deck to re-stain it?

strip your deck with a cabot stripper then power wash it then sand it with a fine sand paper. If cedar or pressure treated wood.
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When it comes to the question of whether you should paint or stain your wood deck the answer almost always comes down to a matter of choice and preference. You as the homeowner will find that you must make many difficult decisions along the way when either building your house from the ground up or ...

Deck maintaince

Hopefully you've received your response to this by now.. but in case you haven't., After about 6 (preferably somewhat warm & dry) weeks or 3 months in colder climates.. this gives ample time for the moisture in the wood to dissipate (usually will be noted by larger gaps forming in the spaces of ...

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Staining old decking

Contact my husband Frank Malandrucolo owner of Classic Concrete Coatings 936-523-0488 or visit his website