how to remove brown residue on bottom of fry pan?

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Answered: Stucco/Paint residue permanent stain on glass windows

Well there are some window glass stain removal available in the market you could use one. Stucco stain is just difficult to get rid off. So, you need some strong solution to clean up your window.

Answered: Green life cookware bought two frying pans green life little one is fine

You do what any living, breathing human being with a brain does. You return the stupid thing. I'm curious, what exactly did you think you should do?

Answered: Why do black people seem to enjoy fried chicken so much?

Do you refer to the billion dollar fast food empire,

Answered: What's residual income?

In my opinion, the amount of income that an individual has after all personal debts, including the mortgage, have been paid. In business, residual incomes are extra amounts of operating income over the regular minimum of controllable operating assets, example royalties.

Answered: Can i get name of person when i enter pan number?

I don't have a pan number- I just know they exist
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Sudden temperature change would be my guess.

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How do I remove honey barbecue from my roasting pan

If it isn't burned onto your pan too badly, fill the pan with water and heat the water to a boil. Let it boil for about 10 minutes, then let it stand until it cools enough to scrub out. If and only if your pan is NOT made from aluminum, you can very often removed burned on stuff with a product ...