how to remove baked on food from muffin pans?

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Answered: Where can I find muffin pans that you can use on top of the stove?

Any muffin pan that can go in the oven can be used on top of the stove. Here's a good article on how to select a muffin tin .

Answered: I rely on baking mixes for busy times of the year ...

You can doctor up cake mixes successfully. Have you ever seen or used the 'Cake Doctor' cookbook?

Answered: English Muffin Recipe

How do you know that?Have you been reincarnated as a cat

Answered: Baking a cake

This should help

Answered: What would cause a glass pan to explode? My ...

Sudden temperature change would be my guess.
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How long to bake muffins in BIG muffins pan. My ...

probably about the same time or extra five minutes. To make sure they are done, pull them out in 20 minutes. Use a toothpick and stick it down into the muffin as far as you can, if the toothpick comes out clean, its done

How do I remove honey barbecue from my roasting pan

If it isn't burned onto your pan too badly, fill the pan with water and heat the water to a boil. Let it boil for about 10 minutes, then let it stand until it cools enough to scrub out. If and only if your pan is NOT made from aluminum, you can very often removed burned on stuff with a product ...

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Well, you know how they say that every pregnancy is different and every woman's birth experiences are different? Of course, you realize that every child is her own person. I hope she follows her dream, and you sound like you are encouraging her. I am a mom of 4 daughters, and I'm happy to see that ...

Where can i find female and male torso cake pans i have looked every

Found some other sites that have female and male anatomy type cake pans. Some are a little risque if you know what I mean!