how to remove aupeo! from acer laptop?

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Answered: How to wipe out an acer laptop... my laptop is ...

I would suggest using the recovery CD that came with your system when you purchased it. Using the recovery tool on this CD will allow you to restore your system back to its factory settings. If you prefer, you could also use a Windows operating system install CD to completely wipe the hard drive ...

Answered: If we are buying a used laptop, how can we be sure that we are getting

You should buy it from the company which has good honer. By the way, I don't think the original battery is better than OEM battery. I purchase an OEM from , the laptop battery is working well now.

Answered: Names of Laptops

sony, samsong starting with word S

Answered: Find Laptop Prices

super laptop offer !! top 10 laptops - brand new laptops laptop models,laptop prices,reviews,laptop deals,laptop comparison and more , sure you will get new idea just in

Answered: Gaming Laptop Under 1000

You can go for hp pavilion touchsmart 15-p003tx. with good ram speed and hard disk.

Answered: How to delete backups on acer windows vista laptop

You didn't explain enough. If you mean the notice that pops up wanting you to make a backup than go to -- Start buton -- control panel -- program and features -- find the backup and right click and left click uninstall. I hate it and I removed mine from windows 7. ----------- If you mean by going ...
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I have just bought an Acer 7220, in France, I ...

Maybe it' because you selected France (French) from your original start page, and perhaps should have selected English. I am not quite sure what you selected really as you typed that you entered France, Anglais keyboard. Well you do know that with your selection that you chose, you will obtain a ...

How to replace graphics card for acer aspire 5534?

Sorry not my thing. Peter

Cant get windows back on my laptop

i have a laptop that is freezed by everest college and cant use it how do i get password unprotected.

Acer laptop computers, restoring keyboard functions?

Buy or borrow a USB Keyboard and try that. I prefer using a keyboard in my lap to type when using my notebook. I also use a big monitor and turn the notebook screen off. It's OK to do this with windows 7 but don't turn off your laptop screen when using Windows XP, unless you have another monitor ...