how to remove a starter engaged to flywheel in an evinrude outboard motor?

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Answered: What year is my mercury outboard motor serial (auto generated)20 h.p

The serial # has the answer. Maybe look on another web site.

Answered: Mercury outboard motors oil recommendations

Take a look at this site - they appear to have a lot of info about Mercs-

Answered: 1969 4 hp evinrude folding outboard with case what is it worth

Yes motor runs-case is good-gas tank dose not leak but has rust inside or call 248-561-8528

Answered: How does a flywheel go bad in a Nissan Sentra, I ...

Try for more info on the Nissan Sentra

Answered: Parts list

Try searching the manufacturer's official website for this. Good luck!
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I have the same motor and need to know the fuel oil mix ratio, somewhere around 62 it changed from 24:1 to 50:1 email

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You have been spammed by a wholesaler. This person is only here to show his merchandise for purchase through free advertising. In the future, if you receive an ad instead of an answer, please scroll to the bottom of the ad and click on “report abuse.” Please join the crusade and report him every ...

How much pressure does it take to operate reed valve on a outboard

im not sure about the exact pressure but its oerated by the crankcase pressure. you can push down on them with your finger and move it with very little effort

Outboard boat motor repair

go to the dealer and ask for the book on that engine