how to rehydrate stale bread?

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Answered: Stale Bread?

Keep all the ends of the loaf in the freezer until you have collected several pieces. Grind in the food processor for bread crumbs and store in the freezer in a sealed bag for future recipes. The bread crumbs will keep in the freezer for several months.

Answered: Will breads higher in fat stale faster?

yes bread with butter:

Answered: What can I make with stale bread?

croutons, bread crumbs, crostini, bread pudding, french toast, panzanella( if you have ripe tomatoes) compost, and what everyone else said

Answered: I just got a new bread machine. It came with some ...

Yes, there are tons of healthy recipes for making bread using your bread machine . The good thing about bread machines is that it lets you use whole grain to make your breads healthier. You can find lots of healthy recipes online that you can download and print or you can visit your local ...

Answered: Yellow egg bread. i am looking for a bread that ...

2 of the most well known egg breads are brioche and challah. Ask at your local bakery.

Answered: How do you make french toast? I have tried making it with an egg and a

I cook mine basically the same way as Nhalli... I like to bake cinnamon raisin bread and slice it thick (like Texas toast) for my french toast. My favorite recipe is eggs, a small amount of milk, sugar, real vanilla extract, and cinnamon. I roll out sugar frosted flakes to a very fine mixture and ...
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Spelt bread

I am assuming you want to use spelt bread as a substitute to white bread. This would be perfectly fine if you are on a diet. There is no reason you can't eat low GI, high fiber that are full of whole grains and nutrients like spelt. Spelt is a lot like wheat but with a little sweeter and nuttier ...

How do i make my own bread?

You go Caxie. I was going to say get a good book on baking. Ha ha. I am a baker/kitchen junkie, and the one thing anyone should know about baking is that it is an exact science. I can pretty much throw cinnamon rolls, brioche , apple fritters etc together with no problem. But I've been baking for so ...

How to make wheat free rye bread

This web site has exactly what you are looking for. There are numerous other wheat free recipes that you can use. I speak from experience.

How to make fried bread pudding

Bread and butter pudding has been one of my all time favourite pudding is cooked in a water bath. Scold the milk by placing 3.5 cups of milk in a saucepan, add the vanilla essence or bean to flavour the milk. Cut the crusts off each slice of bread. Butter them and place them butter side ...