how to reheat leftover tuna casserole?

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Answered: I sometimes reheat my leftovers @ work on the dash ...

Food should be reheated to 165 degrees to be safe.

Answered: What food leftovers tastes better to you on the second day?

Just about any food leftover tastes better warmed up the next day. It has had a chance for all the flavors to blend together. If it does not taste good warmed over - then - it probably did not taste good right off the bat. If that's the case - doctor it up a little bit w/various seasonings.

Answered: Bluefin Tuna on Nobu Sushi

I had no idea that there was a problem with this species of tuna. If this is the case, then for sure, restaurants shouldn't serve it. Salmon is great too, and I know that there are enough salmon fish out there. So, this is just one type of tuna that is endagered?

Answered: Leftover porridge

I always add left-over porridge or oatmeal to my basic meatloaf or meatball recipe ..... doing so, keeps the meatballs & meatloaf extra moist and it gives them a fantastic and smooth texture. In fact, you can use the oatmeal uncooked for similar results. Try it ... I'm sure you'll be pleasantly ...

Answered: How do i cook casseroles?

The best way is to put the ingredients into a casserole dish and cook it in the oven, usually at about 350 to 375 degrees. There are multiple recepies to cook it. You can also search it online. Tags:- Food Tours in Israel | Food Tour in Tel -Aviv | Cooking Holidays | Israel Cooking Holidays ...
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