how to re-grow st augustine grass after a freeze?

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Answered: What are the basics of growing grass?

Here are three web sites that will help you grow grass for your lawn.

Answered: Freezing

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Answered: Will freezing temps kill the grass seed?

When temperatures dip below freezing , the leaves of Bermuda grass can suffer serious stress.

Answered: Aol freezes in loading on both vista computers ...

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My mondo grass lawn is very thick in spots and ...

Mondo grass spreads slowly. I would not do this. I recommend that you buy some more and plant it in the thin spots.

I have st. augustine grass in my yard. The grass ...

Hi mam, I think you need to find out what has caused the problems you are having. Too much water? Low areas that collect water? Fungus? Old grub worm damage from the last season? I would suggest calling a professional or taking some samples to your local university extension office to find out what ...

Can you freeze bananas?

Yes you can. There is a company called Diana's Bananas that sells frozen chocolate covered bananas. They are DEEEEE-Licious. And I own no stock in the company.

What to do about to much rain on st augustine grass

Hi Robin, I agree with Ms. Strowell about the watering. Apply only enough water to wet the soil in the rootzone. For Florida's sandy soils, 3/4 inch of water is generally sufficient. Do not water the lawn again until signs of wilt occur. As the soil begins to dry out, the lawn will show a lack of ...