how to refinish this end up funiture?

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Answered: Has anyone had a bad experience with refinishing a mahogany classic boat

Mary, I had my classic Chris-Craft Runabout Super Sport "refinished" by Gordy Neimi. Contact me at 425-392-5143 Bob

Answered: Refinishing or refurbishing

Refinishing is easy with The Victorian House Furniture Refinisher. Its not for umpteen coats of paint, but if the old finish is all you have to remove its like washing it off with water. Not a stripper, this is a finish remover with no water to raise the grain. Makes it safe for veneers, glues ...

Answered: Funiture Repair - I have a Black painted dest top that was gouged on the

Sand and clean-up the area of the gouge. Get a good wood filler, and fill the gouge. Let it dry over night, sand the area down and use a touch-up paint to match. I hope this helps. George~

Answered: I am refinishing a child's desk. I have stripped ...

All I can think of unless someone has a better answer is to tape off the flowers...with masking tape...and work around the tape. If any of the flowers are damaged in the process...match up the paint with a paint stick or some crafting paint and touch them up. That's what I would do. Good Luck ...

Answered: Do you believe this guy? How many more times will he have to be wrong

Atheists R always wrong. Bitter lunatics w/o merit. No 1der ppl laugh @ them so much. A's deserve all that ridicule.

Answered: Find a breast cancer group on the east end of long island

Breast Cancer Help Incorporated Contact details Address: 32 Park Ave, Bay Shore, NY 11706-7309 Suffolk NY Tel: 6316759003 HTTP://
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