how to refinish fiberglass doors?

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Answered: Has anyone had a bad experience with refinishing a mahogany classic boat

Mary, I had my classic Chris-Craft Runabout Super Sport "refinished" by Gordy Neimi. Contact me at 425-392-5143 Bob

Answered: Firberglass garage doors

Fiber glass doors are easy to fix and protects your car from hurricane.Fiber glass doors are available at at a very economical price.

Answered: Residential Garage Doors

Typically your garage door(s) represents over 40% of your home's exterior. Therefore, it is important to choose a door that best complements your home, as well as satisfies your needs.The following consideration should be analyzed when purchasing your Garage Roller Doors is Improving home security ...

Answered: Refinishing or refurbishing

Refinishing is easy with The Victorian House Furniture Refinisher. Its not for umpteen coats of paint, but if the old finish is all you have to remove its like washing it off with water. Not a stripper, this is a finish remover with no water to raise the grain. Makes it safe for veneers, glues ...

Answered: Wanted. Tioga II or Tioga 2. Fiberglass motor home

Do not know how this forum works, if interested in talking about Tioga ll contact me. Thanks Trapper,
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Where to find used prehung wrought iron doors in dfw area?

Here is a company that has some very nice wrought iron doors in custom designs. I spoke with the owner last week and he said that they do their own deliveries so DFW area is not a problem. I hope this helps! Jim

How do I block the sun from coming thru the fiberglass roof?

I believe I would use a coat of Kilz and then a good oil based paint. You may even want to paint the inside of it rather than the outside.

I am refinishing a child's desk. I have stripped ...

All I can think of unless someone has a better answer is to tape off the flowers...with masking tape...and work around the tape. If any of the flowers are damaged in the process...match up the paint with a paint stick or some crafting paint and touch them up. That's what I would do. Good Luck ...

How to restain a fiberglass door?

Great question. I had a similar issue with my fiberglass doors in Miami, I have lots of sandy soil in my yard and it seemed to be ruining the bottom of my doors over time. As far as I know there aren't any great do-it-yourself ideas, you might just have to buy a new one if the existing one looks bad ...