how to refill butane BBQ lighter?

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Answered: How much does it cost to refill a zippo lighter

Another advise is to only use original genuine Zippo lighter fluid! This will enable your Zippo lighter to perform at it's very best.

Answered: Old grand dad cigarette lighter.

Oh, and here's one on eBay (for about the same price I paid) as a reference:;jsessionid=92770D63B01057B948F9F978F7811670

Answered: Refill

I have found toner refills online. I just recently filled my Dell 3130cn toner .

Answered: I found a lighter made by Crown in my dad's stuff ...

Maybe he worked for Chevrolet. I don't really know. Unless it's a Zippo, or a rarity it likely doesn't have much value. But to find the answer to your question, you need to contact someone who knows the history of lighters. If it IS a Zippo, you may be able to contact them. They keep pretty good ...

Answered: Is it safe to keep a disposable bbq in the trunk of my car on a warm

If there is no hydrocarbon based fuel with it, there will not be a problem. There term disposable bbq does not bring any images to my mind beyond that of a hibachi. Jay

Answered: Refill Epson Stylus NX300 All-in-One Printer

you can buy remanufactured ones for half the cost of OEM ones brother ink cartridges
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Here are two possibilities.

Agenda refills

You can buy them at Staples .

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Cartridge number 57 is the colorful one. I am not sure you can use it all up with out having the printer mix them . What you can do is go to Printers and Faxes -choose your Hp one and Right Click-> Properties -> color management and then choose-> Manual this way you'll have a control over the ...

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