how to reconize thunderwood poison , poison cow itch vine, poison ivy, poison sumac, poison oak?

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Answered: Help me, i've got poison ivy!

To get rid of the plants them selves either poison ivy or sumac the best thing to use is called " Round Up". You can purchase it at places such as Home Depot or Lowes. I would shop around for the best price in you area and the best value is normally in a gallon. Keep in mind this will kill ...

Answered: What is the latency period for poison ivy rash to develop? How long after

It depends on the sensitivity of the exposed. ex. some won't get it at all. Some will almost immediately feel the itch - see the redness and the rash is quick to follow. I have experienced this within hours or if not overnight. Hope you get better answers than this. Time to get out the calamine ...

Answered: Can i have a cow in tallahassee, fl

Depends on your location. Check the city ordinance at the Courthouse Clerks Office.

Answered: A Poison Ivy Quiz

Don't forget the leaves are also shiny. Poison ivy plants ARE NOT harmless in the winter. The oils are still in the stems and precaution still needs to be taken while removal of the plant is underway. Ivy 'poison' can be transferred to your skin from your clothing, tools, pets and the wind. There ...

Answered: Poison Ivy Question

YES, even if the poison ivy leaves are dead, there is still oils on them and in the stem and this is where the problem comes from.

Answered: Does tanning help dry up a poison ivy rash?

I might also add that in addition to the several minute ocean dip, lying about in the sun while allowing the salty minerals to be absorbed into the rash also speeds the process. This highly effective cure is really nature's way of counteracting the body's response to urishol.
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You should consult a physician if you are allergic to various medications. Many home remedies may not be harmful but they also may not be helpful and poison ivy should be treated as a serious skin ailment.