how to recharge auto ac on2006 toyota camry?

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Answered: EGR system schematics for a 2000 Toyota Camry

Yes, You can get printout of the schematics for the EGR system in a 2000 Camry by visiting

Answered: 2005 Dodge Ram 1500 quat cab A/C not Blowing hard as it should!

under the glove box take down fan has about three screws and you will then find a little door that has broken off inside there , remove that piece and put fan back on thats what we did with ours the air was only trickling out but we heard it blowing that broken door blocks the air

Answered: 1998 suburban 2x2 5.7

Google the owners manual.

Answered: Anyone have a phone number I can call to retrieve ...

Are you saying they have an unlisted phone number and you can't just call and ask them for the number of HR? I find that hard to believe. I think you're just lazy.

Answered: What are the cause of not getting heat in my 1998 toyota camry?

Bad heater control valve Bad core Plugged up hoses Broken swtich Act of God

Answered: Toyota ac charge

most a/c units since 1992 use 134A refrigerant. it is available at any auto parts supply. i will also need a hose with fittings to go on low pressure line on a/c from the can of 134A.
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AC on Camry 96 not working

There are no step by step instructions for trouble shooting air conditioning. You have to understand how the system works to diagnose the problem. The only thing you can do buy one of those recharge kits and try to recharge the system. But if that's not the problem or the leak is substantial, you ...

What does it cost to replace a catalytic converter and exhaust system in

You should ask the people who do that kind of work to give you an estimate. That would be a Toyota dealer, a muffler place, and maybe your local gas station. Prices may be different in different cities.

Automotive A/C

There is a technical term for that A/C: "Busted". It might only need a recharge. More likely it needs major repair.