how to reboot a hp presario CQ62 laptop?

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Answered: Is compaq presario better than Lenovo?

I bought my Thinkpad R50e in 2005(before the deal made by IBM and Lenovo) and now everything is good with my laptop.I think Thinkpad series the best.In my opinion,Lenovo is better than Compaq... ------ Presario R3000

Answered: Why do hp batteries emit emf even when not in a charger or in a laptop

All scalar fields radiate into space. However, you would not have any difficulty with the weak scalar fields emitted by a charged battery. The only time ionizing radiation becomes a problem is with gamma radiation. Even then it has to be intense enough to expose ASA 100 film at a range of ...

Answered: My HP 310a will not print

Power input option or otherwise check the manual of the printer for the power option or working tips.

Answered: Does it harm a laptop battery to leave the charger plugged in all the

Yes,I think it's true. Friend of mine said that her latitude d430 battery 's life shortens after a week of plugging in the dell latitude d430 .

Answered: Where they made hp laptop

It is written on the bottom of the laptop, it can be China, Taiwan, Makau and even in the USA.

Answered: Which 13.3" HP laptop is better ?

Hi so far as i see it if it suits the perpuse you want it for then that is the one you should get . cheers from home dad
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How can I make the HP fingerprint reader and password manager run with

it will not run at chrome, try another browser such mozilla firefox,

Should i buy an HP laptop?

HP anyways is a great global company,many people buy their products, why don't you?


Everyone is looking for the best and top rated laptop. But how and where to find the best laptops? Which are the best laptops to buy? New and advanced laptops with some of the best specifications and features have flooded the market this year. Lenovo Ideapad Notebook, Alienware M15X laptop, HP ...

HP Printer not connecting to my laptop.

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