how to rebarrel 1873 trapdoor?

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Answered: Where is the 1873 springfield rifle serial numbers?

The serial number is found on the top of the receiver. Pull the hammer back and lift the trapdoor to see the entire serial number.

Answered: What is the height of a melbourne trapdoor spider??

The average height is 38.6mm. The one that I just step on was not taken into account when calculating this figure.

Answered: Why did annie oakley use the 1873 rifle?

Because all of the Oakley products are inexpensive!

Answered: 1873 family bible i have a family bible to sell ...

What makes your family bible so valuable. After al, it is only 138 years old, certainly not an antique.

Answered: How much is a 1873 french 10 cent piece worth?

You might try checking here: They also will do an appraisal for a small fee.

Answered: I have a barn foundation from approx. 1873 ...

Ron- I have no clue, but if it was mine, I would not consider anything under $5000.00. If you do not need the money, then the ball is in your court. I hope you make a killing. JayR
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