how to read mahjong card?

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Answered: Cant read code

Well, the word shitoutaluck comes to mind. Have you considered buying another one and rubbing it gently?

Answered: How hard is it to learn to play mahjong?

When I was younger that is what the ladies would do at the Clubs in the afternoon, or play canasta, I would lay on a lounge and swear never to play the games, or gamble..but the old sets are very sort after.. Pulled a Video for you, it's not hard.. in the comment is Video Sweet G

Answered: Dragon tarot cards

I found this site very informativ regarding Tarot Card readin and esoterik equals: Kartenlegen Gratis

Answered: Margot Le Myne author, Fortune Telling by Cards

There is one used copy available on Amazon. Here's the link for it:

Answered: Taxes on gift cards

If you won a gift card, it is income. If they add 6% for state tax, then tax the total, you should wind up with the net amount, although you will owe federal income tax. Your regular pay also gets taxed.
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Not that as far as I know. You can play what I am playing right now: Runescape. Buy runescape accounts

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Trying to learn Tarot Card reading

A reversed Tarot card can have an opposite meaning to the upright card, or as the others were saying, a watered down meaning but like everything in life, there is no one or easy answer. It really depends for me on the cards surrounding the reversed Tarot card in question. If they are also reversed ...