how to read daisy BB gun serial numbers?

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Answered: Model 25 vintage daisy air rifle

Unscrew the end of the barrel and pull out the barrel end. You will find a chamber clip attached to the barrel that holds fifty bbs. Make sure the gun is not loaded when you do this. (put the BBs in the small hole near the end and screw it all back together, cock it, holding it 45 degrees up ...

Answered: Anyone knows which store has bb guns for sale ?

Isn't it ASTOUNDING how Jack Brown and Jason Smith ALWAYS have answers for each others questions ? ? SCAMMER ALERT ! !

Answered: I found a old .177 cal single shot underlever bb ...

There were a lot of BB guns that came out after WWII. Daisy made one that could pass for an MI Carbine and Crossman made one that would pass for a Garand. I have to wonder about the authenticity of the BB gun. The old Crossman Garand had a forearm that acted as the pump lever. Wish I could say ...

Answered: I want BB&T rewards

You greedy, phoney sinner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Church Lady

Answered: Serial number

Not sure. I would suggest contacting the manufacturer to find out where the serial number is. Good luck!
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Hi We have a source who is currently trying to increase the drozd mag capacity. The problem is that there are never any Drozd mags available. We try to order them but EAA can never get any from Russia. Therefore, the bulk Drozd mag can't be developed and mass produced until there are more mags ...

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Have him point that BB gun at me and he can find out what a .45 acp taste like. Tell your friend It is assault with a deadly weapon even if it's just a BB gun.Or just have him try it with a cop.If the cop don't shoot him,he will see 1 to 5 in jail.

Finding the serial number if it has been removed

I know that it was probably ripped off ... I know there is nothing I can do about it ... my question was "How can I find it if it has been removed from the exterior of the camera" perhaps I should have worded it -- is there another matching number inside the camera? I had hoped someone ...