how to raid on toontown?

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Answered: I have a sata raid encloser with 8 1tb hds on a 32 ...

If you will set up RAID 1+0 on all 8 HD, you will end up with 4TB of storage. There will be no performance increase if you split the RAID into 2 groups. If you are going to see only 2TB of space then you must split the RAID.

Answered: Does raid 5 got high fault tolerence

Simple answer: yes. You could get higher tolerance by using RAID 7 but, the specific RAID for your system must be derived for usage (need high read rate, high write rate or both). For more information on RAID you can look here:

Answered: What was the title of the film about the raid by the israli airforce on

It was something like "Incident at Osirak", I think, but I tried that at the IMDB and got nothing. Sorry, no help here.

Answered: Is there a way to support RAID 5+1/51 on the ...

Well... they do call RAID 5+1/51 the paranoid RAID If you already ordered, perhaps you can ping Apple's Xserve support and ask them. This doesn't seem to see a very common configuration so I guess only they (or someone that already configured Xserve for RAID 5+1/51) will have an answer (if any).

Answered: I would like to cancel slendera account before they raid my bank account

You will have more peace and success if you simply close your account and open a new one. I am not sure if you bank would selectively stop payments on this. You might want to call them now if they are open until noon and ask.
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