how to put your man in panties?

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Answered: Man love wearing panties

.......I'm done....hehehe!

Answered: Panty wearing

Panties are only underwear.

Answered: Why do boys wear panties

because panties are a lot more comfortable then boxers or briefs, they are cute and colorful which makes them fun to wear and the soft feminine meterial feels good

Answered: Panties

i think if you cant stop her from making you where it then at night just switch it with different panties or sneek into the bathroom and change it and hide them somewhere so she still thinks you're wearing it

Answered: Pistol Panties

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Caught wearing panties

I think your mother should petticoat you for a month. and let your sister pick out what you wear. that has to be the dumbist thing i have ever heard, wearing sisters panties. your sister should also make you go where ever she goes petticoated.

Is it acceptable for a man to wear only panties while walking around the

Probably be ok there. Sure is for fantasy fest

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Here are a few possibilities that you can check out.

Visible Panty Lines?

It looks too bad! There are some skirts or pants that will show panty lines. You know the Sexy Lingerie ( ) material—that slinky, clingy (even if not tight) material that just makes those lines shine. Here are few tips i would like to give you! 1) Granny Panties ...