how to put "squid in pussy"?

how to put "squid in pussy"?

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Answered: What a pussy Lester is

So, tell me, why are leftists all so stupid they can't pass the eighth grade? You saw the questions but can't answer them. Why are you that stupid, Tadpole?

Answered: Is a girl's favorite fantasy getting her pussy eaten?

Tadpole-steve-Bonestructure-Thomas Johnson-all the sme poster. IPA

Answered: How big can giant squids can get to normal squids?

Reminds me of a fun question I posted a while ago.

Answered: Loose pussy

Get laser treatments or have it surgically tightened. How did it get so loose? Have a 20 pound baby naturally you give women a bad rep. I don't think I like you. You are right down there with road kill.

Answered: Can you write with squid ink

The squid ink was formerly an important dye, called sepia, apparently it was not used as an regular ink (there were better sources). Today artificial dyes have replaced natural sepia. However, there is a modern resurgence of Jews using the ink for the techelet dye on their Tallit strings.
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NOT an appropriate querry for Yedda. Hey, I'm not dissing porn, I enjoy at times. But there are rules of ettiqiette andthis is a violation.

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You mean that Gladney faker from 2009? His lawsuit was laughed out of court. Worst job of acting since Chuck Norris and Walker Texas talker.

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Do you like to get castrated for trolling the internet?