how to put "squid in pussy"?

how to put "squid in pussy"?

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Answered: What a pussy Lester is

Rocmike you sick insane lonely schizo, everyone knows your mental problems are severe. What normal person would do nothing but post every waking minute under his many aliases repeating the same crap over and over. What normal person would continue to post under his many aliases when everyone knows ...

Answered: What made Thomas Johnson such a lying weasely pussy?

Once again, within minutes Lester is here to defend someone he "doesn't even know". Why is Lester so concerned about Thomas Johnson's reputation? Is there a gay marriage in the future for these 2 sh*t eating fools? Lester, please post your 10 standard bullshit copy/pastes right now.

Answered: Is a girl's favorite fantasy getting her pussy eaten?

Tadpole-steve-Bonestructure-Thomas Johnson-all the sme poster. IPA

Answered: How big can giant squids can get to normal squids?

Reminds me of a fun question I posted a while ago.

Answered: Thomas Johnson spazzing out AGAIN!

" You don't even know how many people you're accusing." Sure he does. Like too many here, he believes everyone but him is one person making all the posts. And he's not all that certain about himself.

Asked: Thomas Johnson spazzing out again

Watch out everyone. Thomas Johnson is having another hissy fit so he'll probably make the same post 50 times in a row, threaten everyone with arrest and post more family photos of him and hs boyfriend crapping in each others mouths. This clown has serious anger issues, serious mental issues and to ...
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Can you write with squid ink

The squid ink was formerly an important dye, called sepia, apparently it was not used as an regular ink (there were better sources). Today artificial dyes have replaced natural sepia. However, there is a modern resurgence of Jews using the ink for the techelet dye on their Tallit strings.

What does pussy taste like? I mean I'm bi and i have never eaten a girl

George, awesome answer man, "A irrisistible combination that once experienced you'll always remember her . You females are so beautiful in every way ............. " Since this question was posted 2 years ago I'm betting Ms. Jess knows the answer for herself by now and I hope she agrees with your ...

Which is worse hangfire misfire squid load?

A squib load means insufficient powder, and the bullet may be stuck in the barrel. If you fire again the gun may explode. A misfire is not very dangerous, but it could be a hangfire. A hangfire means that it might still fire but with a delay. It could kill you if you look down the barrel ...