how to put an area rug under a pool table?

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Answered: I have a wool rug of the glued on variety. In ...

I'm not sure with this but if you are really concern about your youngest child, I think this rug must leave the house immediately.. Contemporary Area Rugs

Answered: Do you think pool should be considered a sport?

I think it is a sport. I have seen pool competitions on television and the skilled required is at the same high level as many other competitive sports. Check out this article for what others had to say.

Answered: Is my pool table worth anything?

As said above it would depend on the condition but these old type of pool tables can be sold for a lot of money if you find the right buyer for it. I think you should try and search for some pool table dealers as they may be interested in it, or try it at an auction, you never know someone could be ...

Answered: I have a ceiling fan over the area for my pool table that I need to keep

What ever you may buy make sure the fixture hangs below the fan blades& ther best type that comes to mind is the one that comes with the fan

Answered: Wholesale area rugs online

Over the years there have been a lot of wholesalers to come and go on the Internet. If you are looking to source products from China you may consider Alibaba. Alibaba sources hundreds of kinds of products from all over the country and usually provides excellent pricing data. For wholesale prices you ...

Answered: How do I determine a value of a used pool table that we have?

I would try searching the completed auctions on Ebay to see what similar models are selling for or call a local billiards dealer and see what they say.
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Hi! try to find the rug you are looking for on this site Contemporary Area Rugs. I'm not sure if they have the rug you are looking for but I hope it helps..

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I think your question mus answer by a rug professional or to find on this link.. maybe you can find it here.. Traditional Area Rugs

I am looking for a dressing table for me in the UAE

Since you’re in the UAE, I would suggest visiting the IKEA store. They have standard dressing tables and dressing tables with mirrors.

How do I flatten my jute rug?

Lay the rug out flat and wet it. Then, while it is drying, place large, flat, heavy objects on the edges and lumpy spots. Leave them there during the whole drying process. This will help the rug dry flat. I have done this on lots of my outdoor rugs .