how to punctuate "including but not limited to?

how to punctuate "including but not limited to?

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Hi Frank: For assistance, please refer to the help article below. Message: You have been Rate Limited

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Hi there: The feature you are asking is not available. For additional information, please refer to the help article below. How long are emails stored in my AOL Mail inbox?

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Why does it matter? One color sprays the same as any other.

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Thank you very much - have forgotten some of the basic rules of punctuation.

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The comma seems to be the best option.

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I have pasted the sentence below and underlined the changes. Hope this helps! As we cooperate daily with God, we will find that by being deeply rooted in Him, our spirits, like cedar trees, will retain their vitality and strength no matter what the conditions of our aging bodies. This indeed is a ...
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This is a rhetorical statement, right? You are not expecting the listener to know what you're about to say, right? If so, it's a period (or exclamation point).

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Hi, if you are looking for correct punctuation then why you not try proofreading services . they are offering proofreading services, essay check etc. It will really help.

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I looked it up and you are correct.