how to punctuate "including but not limited to?

how to punctuate "including but not limited to?

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Answered: Allegedly Punctuation

The comma seems to be the best option.

Answered: Punctuation correction please:

Thank you very much - have forgotten some of the basic rules of punctuation.

Answered: Can you please help me with the punctuation of ...

I have pasted the sentence below and underlined the changes. Hope this helps! As we cooperate daily with God, we will find that by being deeply rooted in Him, our spirits, like cedar trees, will retain their vitality and strength no matter what the conditions of our aging bodies. This indeed is a ...

Answered: Need help with punctuation of this sentence: But Kumani who could be

Thank you very much. I have others I am struggling with. I am trying to help someone who has written a book to edit before she sends in to publisher for printing.

Answered: What is the limit of net worth to avoid probate in Colorado

$60,000 or less lets you use an affidavit instead. The out-of-court affidavit procedure is available in Colorado if the fair market value of property that is subject to disposition by will or state intestate succession law, less liens and encumbrances, is $60,000 or less. (This excludes joint ...
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I looked it up and you are correct.

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