how to pump water a long distance?

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Answered: Do long distance relationships only work because ...

Johndee you have received some great responses! However, we sense that you have answered your own question indirectly. Perhaps, what you stated is why the relationship works for you. Nevertheless, if either of you is afraid of commitment... well, enjoy the excitement while it lasts.

Answered: How long would you carry on with a long distance ...

If you love the person as long as it takes. As you can visit each other on weekends and see how far it will take you as it may be worth the time for it as you never know.

Answered: Pump Pneumatic

The basic Trabon Pump Pneumatic operates at 40 to 150 psi (3 to 10 bar) air pressure, has a displacement and output of 0.030 cubic inches (0.491 cm3) or .010 – .030 (.160 -.491cm3) per stroke. For more info visit :

Answered: Rheem EcoSense 50-Gallon Electric heat pump water heaters,need product

Operation Modes The Rheem HP50RH has three operation modes. The first is the Energy Saver mode, which allows the water heater to function using only the heat pump on top to warm the water. In Normal mode, the heater uses both the heat pump and a heating element backup. When in Electric Heat Only ...

Answered: Can you use a shower pump to pump collected grey water back to toilet

No, not unless you also install a gravity tank to hold the water until someone flushes the toilet to make room in the toilet tank.

Answered: Connecting to a UPS from a long distance

This might be a little bit difficult because of the distance. I would try and connect from a closer distance and see if it works. Try and move away and see when you lose the signal.
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Long distance relationships.....are they really worth it?

Yes, I think so. Although as Liz said, sooner or later someone will end up moving. I had a long distance relationship with my boyfriend for a couple of years when he had to move for his job - but I got to see him every other weekend, so I was lucky. My dad and stepmom had a long distance ...

Can I use the Hot Water Recirculation pump to drain my hot water tank?

you can, but why? you are then draining the entire hot water system.(unless that's what you want to do). your better off, shutting off the cold inlet valve to the water heater, shut off the recirc line valve, shut off the outlet valve ( if one is installed) open the drain valve and loosen a di ...

Long Distance Troubles

You could do a lot of things, that'll depend on what your life is like and who you are now. I can't advise you, for example, to rush out there where he is and pitch yourself a tent if you are 15, can I? One thing I can say is that communication is key in any long-distance relationship. If he's ...

Long distance pizza delivery..NY - Texas

We have good delivery system in India and the delivery services are quite prompt and up to the mark in the exact specified states like pizza home delivery noida .